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Planning, building, designing and providing exhibition services for your stand or event.

Taikalyhty Ltd. is a family company that expertises in providing its customers high-class exhibition and display services since 1987. We master the execution of events, know the right operators, manage the event sites, create new and are eager to learn more. Our goal is to perform on a high level that will fulfill both our customers’ and our own mission. We are constantly developing new ways to plan and to build, increasing the output that people can see and experience. We strive for affordable, yet upscale executions that support sustainable development. And on those rare occasions when we don’t know how to do something, we’ll usually know who does.

Annually we make over 80 design stands happen and build 8 – 10 medium size exhibition events. We manage both small and big executions and will help you starting from the reservation of the event site and the planning of the outlook of the stand. Once finished we will deliver you ”the keys to your stand”, on time -every time! All you have to worry about is showing up.

Our service is always personal and you will know the people who are working for your satisfaction. With our partners we also master the graphic design: campaign entities, posters, brochures and book covers. We also provide scanning and video editing services plus 3D-planning.

Our office/warehouse/cradle of magic is located at Sörnäinen, Helsinki (at the end of the street Sörnäisten Rantatie, right opposite to the building Voimala). It’s a unique space designed for many uses and one that always welcomes people to come and take a look around. Feel free to drop by!